The Senior Elementary years, grades seven and eight, are critical in the preparation of students for secondary school. Thor College offers students a challenging curriculum that focus on the fundamental subjects of English, Mathematics, Science and others, but emphasizes skills such as note taking, review, time management and study habits as well. These skills are vital for students to be successful in higher education. Students of these grades are seen as the leaders of the elementary school and are given plenty of opportunity to work on these leadership skills in all areas of our school.

Students are encouraged to participate in the extracurricular activities such as house league and school teams, many academic contests, and the annual musical. The students at the senior level have more supervised access to computers and are taught to use them to improve the detail and presentation of their material.

Our senior elementary students are involved in a number of school trips that enhance their education. There are a variety of destinations such as the Science Centre, Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto Zoo, Saint Marie among the Hurons, and many others. One of the highlights of this division is the class trip to a Canadian city such as Niagara, Ottawa, or Montreal, when we go as a group with a planned itinerary, and experience another culture.

Students that finish the senior division find that the advanced curriculum and the refinement of study habits have fully prepared them for secondary school.

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