Our secondary program is for students who have completed Form 2, Sec. 1, Junior Middle 2, Grade 8 or its equivalent. We aim to provide a strong foundation that enables high school students to succeed in university. We understand that students have varying interests and academic abilities therefore we tailor their educational program to match their ASEP needs. This allows our high school students to enrol in courses that are compatible with their personal interests and career goals, enabling them to pursue their studies with strong conviction and perform well academically. To maximize students' potential, we provide:

• Dedicated and passionate teachers who are eager to impart their knowledge into their students.
• A technology-enriched learning environment which requires high school students to employ multimedia in their school work. This allows them to be familiar and comfortable with similar educational technology used in university.
• Practical teaching methodologies, through which our students gain hands-on experience and better understanding of concepts in the course.
• A co-op (internship) program that allows high school students to work in jobs they are interested in to gain work experience and make informed decisions about their future career.
• A broad-based curriculum that allows high school students to select courses they are interested in, to enable them meet their university and career goals.
• A classroom environment that encourages and rewards student participation.
• A fair evaluation system where students do not have the pressure to memorize to only pass final exams and are encouraged to pursue true learning.
• An Academic Support Program that identifies and provides relevant support to students who require extra academic help or are identified to be gifted.
• Excellence in Academics.

Large variety of high school courses for the development of personal interests and choices
Students are challenged to discover their potential and are guided to achieve it
Students are encouraged to internalize academic integrity, self-discipline and high academic standards and are taught it is their responsibility to apply the appropriate effort to yield desired results
Class attendance and absences are tracked and reported daily on our online ezReportCard
In addition to the regular academic courses, languages, music, art, leadership, physical education and drama courses are also offered
Effective Learning for Students

Passionate teachers who are attentive to their students varying academic needs and are dedicated to assist them to achieve academic success
A comprehensive and solid foundation for higher learning particularly in the areas of Mathematics (Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Data Management), Sciences, Business, Economics and Accounting
Classroom interaction and participation, which is essential in university studies, is encouraged with rewards
Graduates are awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)
Final examinations constitute no more than 30% of final marks; which reduces emotional stress or mental pressure on students
Coursework is 70% of final marks and is assessed at regular intervals during the semester to minimize memorizing and promote true learning
Student-teacher ratio of 20:1 means the individual learning needs of students are cared for
State-of-the-art Facilities for Academic Excellence

Well-equipped Chemistry, Physics and Biology labs promote hands-on learning through experiments
Modern language labs offer ESL students an excellent place to practise English skills
Broadband (10 Gigabytes) internet service in school and in residences
Wireless internet access in Student Café, Reading Room and Cafeteria of the Ainsliewood school building
Virtual Private Network (VPN) between schools and residences
Open computer lab during school hours for students to research assignments and do homework.

Call us at 705-458-9705 to tour our facilities and inquire if your child is right for this unique and wonderful opportunity.


Thor College Private School Serves Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Cookstown, Innisfil and Simcoe County.