Thor College offers exciting, collaborative, dynamic and cutting-edge academic, athletic, and social programs based on the world-renowned and award-winning Ontario Curriculum. All classes are taught by Ontario-board certified teachers with specialized qualifications.


In the primary grades we integrate technology, group interaction, social development opportunities and individual attention with an ongoing awareness and understanding of appropriate developmental milestones, to ensure that every student has the foundational skills necessary for advancement to the higher grades.

In the middle grades, students enjoy daily Art, French, Music and Physical Education classes. They continue to receive individual attention with a focus on more independent work, while still participating in collaborative, group-focused and integrative learning opportunities.

In the senior grades, our students continue to participate in daily Art, French, Music and Physical Education classes. Our senior students excel at both independent study and group collaboration. By combining cutting-edge technological resources, strong foundational academic skills, and consistent study habits, our students are well-prepared for high school courses

Our students are also at an advantage in that each grade participates in monthly field trips, taking the learning outside of the classroom and applying it to real-world concepts.

Thor College also performs a musical production each year in May, with all students in the school involved in the performance, as well as a pageant in December.

Private music lessons are also available.


Thor College is a standing member in the SSAF (Small Students Athletic Foundation). Thor College regularly participates in SSAF sanctioned activities, including soccer, ball hockey, track and field, basketball, badminton, ski club from January to March, and volleyball.


Our families have numerous opportunities to engage with the faculty and other parents in a non-academic environment, thus building lasting friendships and important connections. The Thor College community is strengthened by the continued involvement and support of its’ families in events such as our annual back-to-school corn roast, Family Ski Day, and our end-of-year gala awards night to celebrate our students’ achievements.

The school also has a parent council, the TCPA (Thor College Parents’ Association) that conducts and organizes social events and fundraising initiatives, which raises money for school improvements, field trips, and school equipment upgrades.

Call us at 705-458-9705 to tour our facilities and see how your child can add an important element to our school!

“No other private school in Simcoe County has a facility like Thor College!”
~ Teresa Ottewell
Parent of Grade 4 Student

Thor College Private School Serves Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Cookstown, Innisfil and Simcoe County.