The PK - Grade 3 students at Thor have the opportunity to explore music every week with song and rhythm activities using voice, rhythm sticks and bells.

At Thor College students have the unique opportunity of learning instrumental music from Grade 4 - Grade 8. Every year the students, with the guidance of the teacher and his/her parents, select an instrument to play from a selection of brass and woodwind instruments, or the snare drum. The students have the rare opportunity to explore all the different instruments and to find their niche, as they have the option to rent the instrument annually.

As well as taking on the challenge of learning to play an instrument, students learn how to read music and have an introduction to music theory through weekly assignments. As we encourage a love for music the students analyze music by bringing in their own selections that the whole class listens to together. This activity gives each student an appreciation of different genres of music, they learn to identify different instrumentation and they study the effects of dynamics and special effects in the music all around us.

Thor College Private School Serves Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Cookstown, Innisfil and Simcoe County.