Kindergarten is a very special time. Our staff are dedicated to creating an early learning environment that is wholesome and fun, full of learning, activity, socialization and the development of independence and self-confidence.

Thor College has developed Kindergarten programs that build the skills required for a strong foundation in education. These programs employ the enthusiasm and natural curiosity of children. We use a wealth of resources to provide students the opportunity and guidance to enhance their social and academic skills.

Our specialized academic curriculum includes learning to read and write, the development of numbers, and simple science and arithmetic concepts. The students are also introduced to the French language at this age.

For the development of social skills, we encourage our students to interact positively with their peers in all types of games and group activities, in addition to participating in a daily period of structured physical exercise. The Kindergarten children are involved in all school events and contribute to the house-point system. The rural setting of our school gives our students the ability to develop a strong bond with and understanding of nature. Our students have the opportunity to explore many facets of nature on supervised walks with their teachers.

We take particular pride in our Kindergarten programs and hire certified teaching staff (B.Ed) who are sensitive to the students’ needs, and have a strong understanding of appropriate developmental milestones. Our kindergarten class goes on a number of small field trips throughout the year to places such as Barrie’s Gryphon Theatre, Avalon Apple Orchard in Innisfil, and the zoo. The school’s Christmas pageant and musical are two productions in which the Kindergartens steal the show with their charm and skilfulness.

All of these events contribute to a positive and stimulating environment that assists our students to develop the self-confidence, assurance, and positive attitude necessary to build foundational skills.

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“No other private school in Simcoe County has a facility like Thor College!”
~ Teresa Ottewell
Parent of Grade 4 Student

Thor College Private School Serves Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Cookstown, Innisfil and Simcoe County.