Mr. Trevor Chalmers
Math Teacher

"Every hour of every day I am learning more. The more I learn the less I know about before. The less I know, the more I want to look around." ~ UB40 Read full bio >

As a teacher, I am constantly learning how students learn. This is how my philosophy has been shaped; learn how students learn, so I can truly teach and they will absorb.

I love music. I love expressing myself through music. I really feel that my passion for teaching is the same as my passion for learning.

I have spent a lot of time coaching and teaching hockey, this is what lead me to pursue a teaching career.

As a new math teacher to Thor, I bring with me a fresh new look on teaching. I graduated from York University with a Ba. in Arts in 2011, and a B.Ed in 2012. My Ba. major was in Psychology, and the rest of my courses were in Philosophy. My focus in Psychology was Neuropsychology, and Social/Developmental Psychology. I am constantly curious about the human condition, and how we are wired. I believe this to help me understand how students act in social environments, like schools, and how the youth of today is wired.

I am very excited to be a part of this incredible Thor culture!

Mr. Brian White
Senior / Secondary Division

I graduated from Nipissing University in April of 2005 with a degree in Philosophy and Psychology. I then attended teachers college at Central Queensland University in Australia. I knew that I wanted to teach and I also wanted to travel the world. Read full bio >

After receiving my Bachelor of Education I moved to South Korea to teach for a year and get a taste of a completely different culture. After an incredible and life changing year in South Korea, I returned to my home town of Owen Sound and started supply teaching for the Bluewater District School Board. I love Owen Sound but was anxious to return to my second home, Australia.

In 2010, I traveled back to Australia where I was a grade-9 homeroom teacher and taught science, social studies, and also acted as head librarian. I spent a year there and then it was time to head back to Canada, but not to my beloved Ontario just yet. I spent 7 months teaching at PALS Autism School in British Columbia, and then after close to 6 months of rain, I was ready to move back home.

Barrie seemed like a nice place to settle down and call home. I started working right away for Children’s Aid Society, where I continue to work part time. I then started working as an Educational Assistant for the Simcoe County District School Board, where I mainly worked with high needs children.

Finally, I hit the jackpot and scored the ideal job working at Thor College, with an exceptional staff. As most of you know, I currently teach science, English, and physical education (which I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed and taught in and outside of schools for years). Luckily, Thor College has an excellent physical education program and it helps to keep my students healthy and happy. To finish things off because this is where I’m presently at and would love to stay, I must say, my grade 7-9 homeroom class certainly make my day.

Miss Nicole Sheppard
Junior Kindergarten &
Senior Kindergarten Teacher

I graduated from the University of Toronto at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) in 2011 with a Bachelor Degree in Education. Prior to my education at OISE, I completed my Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood education at Ryerson University. Read full bio >

I am constantly looking to develop myself professionally and have completed several Additional Qualification courses through OISE. These include Special Education Part 1 Additional Qualification, Reading Parts 1 and 2 and ESL Part 1.

I am so thrilled to be working in a school that supports children's success through small class size and individualized program planning. I love the kindergarten classroom especially because we are able to learn a lot while still having fun! Many times throughout the day you will find our classroom a hub of activity with children creating unique art, building amazing structures and conversing in great dialogue!

Mrs. Cherie Hughes
Junior Division

My name is Cherie Hughes and I am the Junior Division teacher. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Education (Hons) in Physical Education and French. I have been teaching for 17 years and joined the 'Thor College' team in September 2010. Read full bio >

I am thoroughly enjoying my time here at Thor College especially the fact that I can adapt my teaching to suit the needs of each individual student in a small classroom environment.

I am a sports enthusiast and have been involved in coaching to the highest level for over 17 years. I embrace any opportunity to get involved or organize extra-curricular clubs and activities.

I am a keen member of the Thor College Ski/Snowboard Club at Snow Valley and have loved spending quality time with the students outside of the classroom.

I am very fortunate that I work with a team of staff that are very supportive and had a great partnership with the Grade 7/8 teacher who shared the same passion for sport. Matt Frank and I coached basketball, ball hockey, cross-country, volleyball, soccer, badminton, skiing, snowboarding, and, track and field. This year I am lucky enough to coach alongside Mr. Brian White, who is also a keen all-round athlete.

We have joined the SSAF leagues in basketball and volleyball. Last year we made play-offs in both. This year we made volleyball play-offs and missed basketball by one spot! We have also won over 20 medals in track and field in the last two years!

This year we won our first banner – Elementary Snowboard Champion's 2013.

Ms. Michelle Tyndall
Music / Art Teacher

Michelle is the music teacher at Thor College. Her goal as a music educator is to create experiences and moments of achievement that can be celebrated by both the school and community. “Many Voices One Song!”
Read full bio >

She has both a Bachelor of Fine Arts with Honours in Music and a Bachelor of Education from York University. Michelle is a strong advocate of professional development and is currently doing her grade 10 piano, in order to achieve her ARCT from the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Michelle looks forward to a continued growth in the music department. Michelle is active in the Thor Community and was able to conduct a senior ensemble, a junior ensemble, a recorder ensemble, and hold countless vocal rehearsals for the school musical this year in addition to our regular music schedule.

Ms. Jenny Shocrylas
Primary Teacher

Jenny graduated from Lakehead University with a Bachelor of Education and an Honours Bachelor of Arts and Science. Her professional development includes Intermediate History qualifications. She is also working towards her Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) qualification. She enjoys the diversity of teaching both the primary and intermediate grades.Read full bio >

Jenny enjoys the small class sizes and sense of community at Thor College. The small class sizes allow complete dedication to her students by providing a challenging and individualized education. She enjoys being involved in the arts and drama department of Thor College, particularly the school musical.

Miss Shannon Goodhead
French Teacher

Bonjour! My name is Shannon Goodhead. I am the French teacher and Thor College’s newest staff member. I hope to engage students as we explore the French language and culture together. Read full bio >

As recent Bachelor of Education graduate from Trent University I joined the Thor team equipped with the newest ideas and pedagogies in education. Before Trent, I completed my Honors Bachelor of Arts in Art and Art History at the University of Toronto. My love of the French language grew from my 9-month involvement in the youth volunteer program, Katimavik. It also inspired my love of travel. I have continued since then to travel extensively through Canada and the world as well as study French through programs such as Explore.

I would like to draw from my life in Katimavik and use experiential learning to build a greater understanding and appreciation of all that French has to offer.

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