Our safe, disciplined, positive, and fun environment allows students to grow into confident and capable students. To enhance this environment we enroll students who will add to the positive atmosphere that allows students to grow.

Our students must be capable of functioning in a maximum classroom size of 12, 16, 19, and 20 for Kindergarten to Grade 3, Junior Grades, Senior grades, respectively. They are expected to participate in all aspects of Thor College to the best of their abilities and contribute to their colleagues’ education by providing respect, assistance, and friendship.


Due to the high standards Thor College sets for it’s students, an admission procedure has been developed to determine the compatibility of the student with the school.

For the prospective primary students (Kindergarten to Grade 3), this procedure includes an informal interview between the headmaster, parent(s)/guardian(s), and the student(s). During the interview a tour of the facility is given.

At the junior and senior elementary levels (Grades 4-8), the admission procedure requires an interview and a tour of the facility and discussion about our programs. At a later date, the student will be given an aptitude test that will give an indication of the student’s abilities so that the student is placed in the appropriate grade level and a curriculum can be developed to ensure that they have a positive start at Thor College. The test is conducted by the Headmaster in a non-threatening environment in which the student is free to ask questions. Past report cards, notebooks, and school reports are taken into consideration as well.

The admission procedure for the secondary level requires an interview between student, parent(s)/guardian(s), and the Headmaster followed by a tour of the facility. An entrance exam is written at a later date. Report cards, notebooks, transcripts, and school reports are taken into consideration, for our secondary students are seen as the leaders of the school and are expected to set a very good example for the rest our students.

The admission of international students requires a personal interview between the student, the student’s parents, and the student’s Canadian guardians. An entrance exam will be conducted to determine the student’s abilities in English, Mathematics, and Science. The student’s report cards, transcripts, and school reports must be translated into English for consideration. During the interview, the Headmaster will request to see a set of the student’s notebooks.

The interview between student, parents, and Headmaster is a very important component of the procedure, as it will determine if all parties have the same educational goals. Consequently, students who join Thor College can be assured that their experience at Thor will be positive, productive, and fun.

We encourage prospective students to come and spend a day in the classroom. Give us a call today!

Thor College Private School Serves Alliston, Bradford, Barrie, Cookstown, Innisfil and Simcoe County.